Helpfulness, speed, quality and maximum satisfaction with the servicing of my vehicles. This is Karireal – Třinec.


Association “NEVIDOMÍ ZA VOLANTEM, z.s.” (Blind behind the wheel) is the only association in the world that organize events, activities and workshops for people with all people with difficulties with seeing, in the field of transport

Tomáš Vlček

Tomáš Vlček is a student of a secondary industrial school, majoring in electrical engineering. In the Touch the Transport project, he cooperates as an assistant translator, graphic designer and video editor, especially their merging.

RoseLove TV

Records and edits more difficult videos, especially driving with vehicles.

One-time cooperation

Autopůjčovna veteránů – Supply of wheels for  100L and 120L.

Autodružstvo Frýdek – Místek – Transported my Škoda 120L after purchase on a tow truck.