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Places for museum:

If you know about some places, where the project could be realised, please contact me. At first i just need a room with wide passageway where i can put my vehicles, tables and shelves with other exhibits. It can be for example some unused places somewhere in Český Těšín and it surroundings.


Have you found something interesting in your garage and are you about to throw it away? Before you do, please contact me. Maybe you have something worth showing. I’m sure we can work something out.

Tour driver

Do you have a driving licence? Do you have time? Do you have the desire to help? Are you from Český Těšín or nearby? Then maybe I am looking for you. From time to time its needed to drive with my vehicles further than to Tesco and back. It needs a longer route, preferably using the motorway. As I have a parking pass as a severely visually impaired person, I dont need a motorway vignette, so we can drive everywhere.


Social medias are powerfull tools, so if you think that this project should get further, feel free to share my sites. You will find the relevant share buttons under each article and on all pages and subpages.


The “Dotkni se dopravy” (Touch the transport) also gained fans beyond the borders of our state. If you would like to contribute to the translation of the website into other languages, please contact me.

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Any financial donation.

The Touch the Transport project is based on maximum transparency. For this, a transparent account has been set up, which is used to finance the project. The number of the transparent account is 2701261173/2010, previously used for the operation of the author’s recording studio, whose activities were severely curtailed due to the energy crisis.

The financial donations will be used exclusively for the development of the Touch the Transport project. To all of you who send any amount will be granted free lifetime access to the exhibition, including the use of the project’s additional programmes.

If you want to support my project, you can use my transparent account.
Account owner:
Vlček, Pavel
Account number:
2701261173 / 2010
CZ84 2010 0000 0027 0126 1173
Bank address:
Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, 11721 Praha 1

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