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I between Škoda 100L and Škoda 120L


Welcome on website about project “Dotkni se dopravy”(Touch the transport).
This project wants to connect people with all possible disabilities and people without them through transport.

About me

My name is Pavel Vlček, I am from Czech republic. I was born in 1993 and I am visually impaired. So I use screen reader to work with computer, mobile phone, tablet etc. I can not drive, but I am fan of old cars, especially old Czechoslovakia Škoda auto cars, from 1000MB (1964–1969) to Škoda 125 (1988–1990). I have Škoda 100L (deluxe) from 1976 and Škoda 120L (deluxe) from 1986.

My goal

My goal is to build a little museum in Czech Republic, accessible for people with all possible disabilities and, ofcourse, for people without them. But it is in first phase, I must to find or build optimal place and start collecting money with some crowdfunding platform or donations. My locations are Cesky Tesin, Ostrava, Karvina, Frydek-Mistek.

Project introduction

Imagine that you enter an area where there are several vehicles from different periods of history (so far I have a white Skoda 120L, built in 1986, and a blue Skoda 100L, built in 1976). The cars are fully functional with the opportunity to touch them, sit in them and experience the smell of the interior, the petrol and enjoy the sound of the engine. We will stop by the cars for a while, I will introduce them and we will talk about the main differences between them. Next, shelves will be installed on all walls of the space, or tables will be built along the walls. On them you will be able to touch all sorts of parts from the cars, from the distributor, to the starter, to the speedometer, to the engine or exhaust, I have a basement full of parts. Each part will be properly labeled in Braille for the blind. And while you hold the part in your hands, your guide, that is me, will tell you what the part is for and where it is located in the car. But it doesn’t stop there, we’ll go further. Once you’ve felt the parts properly, we’ll open the bonnet together and show you the whole thing. At the end we can do a parts identification quiz for fun.

Museum preview

Museum preview
When choosing a suitable place, I also remember that people on wheelchairs might also be interested in the tours

When i find the place?

Two types of tours:

My goal is to offer two types of tours. The first is classic exposition, where you arrive like in any other exposition and you will look at everything (It will be open for all, not only for people with disabilities, and you can touch every car part) The second tour will be very interesting, because you will only use your hands. When you arrive, you will get blindfolds and you will inspect whole exposition the way i look at it.

Ride come true Program

Did your grandfather, grandmother, grand-grandfather or grand-grandmother told you they want to once more ride in Škoda 120 or Škoda 100, but because their health condition they can’t drive behind wheel, or they don’t dare to drive anymore? As the part of the Touch the transport project there will be program called “Ride come true” with these terms:

  • The ride will be driven by a family member of the person to be driven
  • I will be here the whole time as a passanger

For now there will not be any time restriction for the ride. Program can be updated or expanded.


News about the project, and interesting guests not only from the field of transport. I will specify when the podcasts will be published.


You can contact me wia email (dsd@dotknisedopravy.cz)
Or visit page “Contact