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Rychvald full of veterans 2024/XNUMX/XNUMX

Year after year came and that beautiful time came. There was an event called Rychvald full of veterans, which we took part in. This year, however, with a slightly changed crew and a different car.

Our driver this time was my friend Kuba, who has been working with me for six months. During the winter he drove the snake with me and at the beginning of the spring the hundred and when he approached me to see if I needed a driver - because his car exceeds the maximum allowed production year for participation, I agreed. Another member of the crew was my wife, as last year, unfortunately we didn't have a photographer with us this year, so I can't offer any photos. However, what I can offer is a description of what happened at the event. And that it was really worth it this year.

Even before arriving at the event, I was asked for an interview on the stage, we talked in particular about whether the Touch the Transport project had progressed anywhere, on that occasion Mrs. Leona, who moderated the event, addressed those present about any unused spaces in the vicinity, which really pleased me and thanks for that. After the interview, we did not go on the historic bus, but walked past all the parked vintage cars. The Škoda with the steering wheel on the right side appealed to me the most, it was probably a Škoda Populár and then a Ford from 1930, it was a very nice car indeed. I also remembered the Fiat 600, which I used to travel to a performance at an elementary art school about thirteen years ago, compared it with a 1982, and looked at Tsarevna. I also got to see the upgraded XNUMX snake, which I never got my hands on before, now I know what the differences were.

Like last year, there was a sleepy ride this year, but this year we really succeeded. We managed to get lost during it and so it happened that we ended up in Ostrava. The situation arose in such a way that the cars that were driving in front of us, as well as behind us, disconnected from the whole column in the middle of the sleepy ride, but hey, we made it a little longer. At least we subjected my Skoda to a really great test, which it passed with flying colors, the temperature did not exceed 80.

After returning from the sleepy drive, we walked through the square one more time and then went to the Depo restaurant in Orlová for lunch, but unfortunately the kitchen was out of order, so we at least refreshed ourselves with a cold drink. My wife homemade lime, Kuba and I had a draft flavored Birello and it wasn't bad at all.

This year was really successful, we all thoroughly enjoyed it, the cars were positioned so that even my wife could see them from the wheelchair, so we all enjoyed it and we already know that we will definitely go again next year.

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Hello, thank you for sharing your experiences from the event. I'm very much crossing my fingers that someone will contact me regarding free spaces for touch transport. And the car was driven, so how does Doctor from the village have a resort?

Everything went perfectly, this time we drove Karkulka to be sure, and for my subscribers I have a recording of about three hours, which I want to divide into about five sections, there is the preparation for the ride, the ride to the event, then a bit of the atmosphere, a sleepy ride even with getting lost and bottom line, it's just going to take me a while to process it all.


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