A little about me

I am blind blogger, poet, amateur musician, both in the field of interpretation and in the field of composition, about twenty years ago I was awarded a multi-instrumentalist diploma, which means that I should be able to play everything that comes to hand. I live in the city of Český Těšín. In my spare time, I like to write, I earn extra money as a software engineer, and I invest most of my free time and money in my project Touch the Transport, which you can also become a part of. I'm non-confrontational, learnable, I like to try new things, such as making videos without sight, see my Youtube channel, which is called Heart of the Blind Wrecker / touch traffic. I am a technical type, a microcomputer, cryptocurrency enthusiast, a lover of hockey, football and good food.

In June 2023, I decided to become a mechanic. If a blind man from Pakistan could do it, I can do it in a land of cutting edge technology too. And you can be there thanks to these websites.