About exposure

The beginnings of the Touch the Transport exhibition can be dated from the second half of 2022. The original intention was to own one historic Škoda vehicle. But as they say: "man thinks, God changes!" And suddenly there were two cars. And at that moment it occurred to me. "How about covering different periods of the history of Škoda vehicles and making not only blind transport fans happy?" At that time, I already had a cellar full of all kinds of spare parts, so I thought of taking everything and putting it together. To exhibit 3 cars (two cars would be not enough for the exhibition, so I decided after persuasion to buy a third one for the party in early 2023) from different historical periods and offer the opportunity to touch the parts that are under the hood and often very complicated accessible. Given that I am blind and my wife is a blind wheelchair user, I set out to find spaces that would be accessible to my wife and thus also to all people with mobility impairments. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to find suitable premises.