can i support you

If you are interested in supporting the Touch the Transport project, you can do so in two ways. By purchasing a monthly subscription at a price of CZK 59, 79, or 99, each subscription contains a specific exclusive content, or you can become an official sponsor using one of the counter services offered.

Counter services

In return, I can currently offer you inclusion in the Official Sponsors section, promotion on social networks, websites, videos, podcasts, vintage car rallies, stickers on all my show cars and, once space is available, your logo , including your company name, website and other information according to your requirements on the entrance door, or in the form of leaflets inside the exhibition, or both. If I am within driving range of the city of Český Těšín, I can lend any of the veterans to your event, film, documentary, wedding, etc. If you are interested in a discussion, this will also be available for you completely free of charge.

I want counter service

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