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So I finally saw Spartak!

I didn't expect that I could get lucky and it happened. At today's gathering of historic vehicles in Orlová, I really had a blast. I looked at a whole range of foreign cars, of the foreign ones I was most interested in the Peugeot 301 from 1934, but then I went to look at Skodas. I finally know what the 110R looks like, the last generation of the 1000MB, I was refreshed by how beautiful the old Felicia is, but then I was able to see something that really cannot be seen. A beautiful car from 1957. It was a Spartak and I can tell you it was quite an experience. Not only was I able to touch it, but the owner was willing enough to start it for me. I expected everything, noise, smoke, stench... But none of that happened. Spartak was really unimaginably quiet, a hundred and twenty against him roars like a cow.

I hope that I will meet Spartak again at one of the next meetings and that I will be lucky enough to see a Tudor or a Škoda 1200. I would also really like to drive an old Felda, or even a Spartak, they were and are really beautiful cars, from Škoda 120 seems to me that the shapes are not so nice anymore, they are already such boxes. Maybe now I understand why XNUMX's and later were nicknamed coffins.

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