Tour progress

Upon arrival at the exhibition, we first greet you in front of the entrance gate. Then we enter the exhibition, where you will be greeted with eagerness of your own by two nice beautiful ladies, the older Bozena (Škoda 100L, year of manufacture 1976), the younger Milena (Škoda 120L, year of manufacture 1986) and the youngest in the party, an overage teenager, Faťan Fanouš (Škoda 135L , year of manufacture 1990). Bobina (Babetta, year of manufacture 1977) will watch over all of this with her watchful front light - not yet photographed. The tour itself will follow. Let's take a look at the vehicles first, you'll find the 70s, 80s and 90s covered here. We'll stop by each car, talk about their history, and then I'll make the vehicles available to you. We look under the hood, in the trunks and sit in each of the vehicles. Inside the car, you will be able to try handling all the controls, including starting and properly revving the engine, all under my guidance.

Once we've looked at the cars we move on to the racks and shelves where you'll find every possible car part, engines, starters, carburetors, lights, fenders, manifolds, hoses, tubes, fans, pedals. And at the end of the tour, you will be able to try, for example, cleaning a clogged carburetor or a number of other minor repairs.

The exhibition will be opened after finding suitable premises. They will be fully barrier-free, so anyone will be able to come and see them.

The premises will be strictly non-smoking and all safety instructions will have to be followed. These will be posted both in the exhibition and on these pages.

The course of the tours may be changed depending on the premises.