How i record videos, when i cant see?

How i record videos, when i cant see?

First i wanted to record video about that, but i think there’d be a better explanation within the text article.

There are only three situations, where i need help with videos. The first is when the video is too long, and the camera splits it into multiple files.

Second situations are presentations, where a person who have skills with editing pragrams is needed.

Third situation is when there is a situation i cant record by myself, like driving, showing the environment during rides or capturing a small detail under the hood.

Other videos, like starts (Shorter than 11:46, longer needs to be merged together), or walk around car are entirely under my direction. But how do I actually do it as a blind person and where do I get the certainty that what I am pointing the lens at will actually appear to the viewer?

I’m basing this on a simple mathematical model that I learned a long time ago, back when apps for reading printed documents via phone were a hot new thing. Over time, I’ve learned that when I want to capture some text, like paper mail, it’s ideal to hold the camera 15 to 20 centimetres below the lens. So I tried to apply this formula to my camera as well and with a few exceptions it works quite well. And that exception is the video in which I introduce the Skoda 100L and the second video where I describe the differences between the vehicles. Here I was trying to capture too much detail, plus I had the camera strapped to my head. I assumed that where I was looking with my eyes would be below the lens, but I didn’t realise that the lens was a little higher than my eyes, so the switch for the dash light and the windscreen washer are not visible in the video because the camera was just too high, plus my head movements were too fast, which I’m not fully aware of when filming. Of course, I also have to care about the width that the camera is able to record and also the daylight, which also has an effect on the resulting video. However, this is also part of it, I am practically blind and so I just don’t bother with it. The main thing for me is that the video has its content and if someone gives a dislike because something is not seen, that’s good too, because that can move me further. For example, I would like to film the tapping of the carburetor, or show a wrong installed injector hose, but somehow I can’t calculate the appropriate camera placement here.