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And when I take a break?

It probably wouldn't be possible for anyone to devote themselves to cars from morning to evening, everyone just needs a break sometimes. Although I devote myself really intensively to my fleet, there are times when I just have to switch off.

And when that moment comes, I dedicate myself to my family. Above all, to your wife, who you could see in several videos, and our dog, who also blinked a few times in the videos. And when I really need to be alone, I play music. And I spend my weekend afternoons playing football. I'm a big fan of the first league and I really don't miss the matches and thanks to the multi-dimensional function I can watch them all. I'm the type of fan that doesn't stick to one team. Yes, of course there is a team that is closest to my heart, but I try to watch the matches with an unbiased view. What I enjoy most about all of this are the statistics, who has how many points, the development of the entire league, the growth of players and so on. I feel the same way about the hockey league, which I also follow, and I can tell you that singing with the fans, even if only in front of the TV screen, is incredibly relaxing and gives me a huge amount of positive energy for the next job. And as an unbiased fan, I know the chants of Baník, Sparta, Slavia, Kangaroos and hockey clubs as well.

And when none of my favorite sports are on, my wife and I watch documentaries about nature, airplanes, or watch our favorite movies or series. Thanks to the former association Apogeum, we really have a lot to choose from, they commented on more than 200 films and fairy tales for the blind.

I am also a big lover of good coffee. I usually drink this in the kitchen, out of reach of electronics. With her, I think of song lyrics, which are then set to music by a friend, some of which are his own Youtube, there are others on the channel of the author's recording studio Handi, of which I am the owner.

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