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How Vašek had to play the thief

If you are die-hard fans of Jára Cimrman, you surely know the work entitled Investigation of the loss of a class book, and you will certainly remember the scene when Mr. Ladislav Smoljak, like a teacher, describes to Mr. Jaroslav Vajgl, like a school inspector, the order of class meetings. That "moron, moron, moron, moron, moron, moron..." is simply unforgettable. And I can say after Friday's funny event: "Moon, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, only over there Vlček is an idiot and an idiot!" But what and how did it actually happen? The article will be a bit longer, so sit back and read on.

A simple plan

The virus subsided, so I decided to cut off the marketing of the Touch the Traffic project for a while and go record some sound breaks that will accompany your podcasts under certain circumstances. So I took my best recording equipment, packed an external microphone and went to the white Škoda 120L.

In the beginning everything went well, but halfway through the work it started to pour like a bucket, which I didn't mind, I was inside the car after all. I waited like this for about twenty minutes and as soon as the rain subsided to the point where it didn't interfere with my recording, I continued working. And then it happened. For an absurd security reason, I locked myself in the car and moved to the driver's seat and started recording more sounds. The recording failed the first time, so I delayed a little. I kept telling myself to remember to unlock the driver's door when I got out. The recording was successful on about the fifth attempt, and I, full of joy that it finally worked, ran out of the car, fumbled for the rear door lock, and at the last second, when nothing could be done because the door had already closed, I realized that I had all other doors locked. So what now? Several marketable women flew out of me because the keys were in the car, the engine was running, the mobile phone and white stick were in my briefcase. Also, that I have good friends and that they are not morons and that, like me, they can laugh even at the craziest craziness.

Thank God I have two cell phones. One private and one for business. I don't like it when my private things get mixed up with business. So I left Milena Milena running and went to get the other mobile phone. Fortunately, I had the keys to the house in my jacket, so I got into both the block of flats and the apartment. I looked for the first contact that came to mind and luckily it happened while Vašek was still in the workshop. He promised that he would dig out something with which we try to unlock the car and come.

Everything has a happy ending

In about half an hour, a laughing Vašek arrived and went to conquer my Milena. But neither of us knew how it would turn out, because it was also the first time for Vašek that he had to literally break into a locked car. Of course, I won't describe here how he got into the car, but in about a minute and a half the back door was not only unlocked, but also open, without any damage to anything.


At the end of the whole event, Vašek patted me on the back in a friendly way and said with a smile: "It had to happen one day, but I'd rather take the tool I used to open the car, because you would still be able to lock it!" lessons learned? Do not lock yourself up unnecessarily. 🙂

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