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My first offense

I could already see myself writing an article about my first fine on the way to the city police. However, after leaving the city police, I had to slightly modify the concept of the article. In the end, the fine of up to CZK 2000 was not paid.

As a young child, it never occurred to me that I might be involved in traffic violations. That only changed when I officially became the operator of the vehicle. And that's why I might have hoped that, even as a blind person, I would pay my first ever fine for a traffic violation, which in the end might not have happened if the mobile application had worked as it should.

So-called mobile radio has been operating in our city for quite some time. Although the application itself is practically unusable for the blind, you can activate the notification mode for the blind during registration. When you check this box, you will receive a notification that all messages will be sent to you via sms, which I liked. But it just doesn't work somehow in our city, so I didn't know that there would be a spatial cleaning of the streets this morning, so about the need to have the car re-parked. So the car stayed there and I received a traffic ticket.

Everything was resolved only by agreement and I received information about the existence of a street cleaning schedule. I actually found it on the city's website, but it is written graphically and somehow I can't find my way around it. I did find Slezská Street there, I found it there about 3 times, in two cases there was the date October 28, in the third case there was none. So I will hope that the cleaning will take place again on the 28th of October, but to be sure, I will look for information about the next cleaning of the road in another way.

Addendum… So although my chart reads the date October 28th, the actual purge date is October 17th. I just don't like those graph tables, readers for the blind read it just weird.

Addendum number 2. So the dates in that pdf file are not read by the reader at all. The date being read to me is not a date, but the name of one of the streets of our city, which I didn't realize at first and I didn't even have a calendar at hand, so I couldn't check what day it actually was. What's more, I have a peeper who knows how to navigate the chart and made it clear to me.

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