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Today's nice visit and memory of the old Favorite

Mr. Lešek, the chairman, stood behind me today veteran of the Trabant Bohumín club. And in addition to finding a socket in my 120L, we talked about the heater for the hundred and twenty, and we also talked about the float, which I will most likely have to replace on the 120L, but only time will tell. After turning on the ignition, the hand shoots like a rocket to the upper limit and brakes, after turning off the ignition it goes down again and brakes again, which it didn't do until Sunday. So we will count the kilometers with the driver and see if the needle adjusts to the fuel loss. If not, the spring is probably worn and will need to be replaced. I personally think that the penetration really happened, because the float is original in the car, so it definitely has age.

Finally, I understand the heating in the Škoda 100L and 120L and I know where it is located in both cars and how it is solved. I also now know how the rather treacherous display of the fuel level works, when my parents still had a Favorit, it once also showed us that it was full and there was nothing at all in the tank. And as a small child I was quite traumatized by it, I remember that, we were going to the doctor and in the middle of the road around the trees, which I guess are between Oházík and Konica, our car died and it wouldn't start and only after half an hour when we they were pulled on a rope by another Favorite from acquaintances someone thought to look into the tank. And it was clear, fuel Sahara rag.

Today's talk really gave me a lot, I'm finally a bit wiser again, thanks a lot.

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You don't normally look into the tank. Everything was a little different.
There was a vacuum in the tank and this caused the fuel gauge to show the same value that there was enough gasoline
After opening the tank cap, the pressures equalized and the fuel gauge correctly read zero in the tank.
See you later

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